African Image – Baasa Kro

African Image – Baasa Kro is an art exhibition and poetry performances by DK Osei Yaw, sponsored by the Goethe Institute. The exhibition will be hosted at the art exhibition facility Afrocentric in Bubuashie, North Kaneshie (behind the Accra Academy High School) on 30 May, 2013.

DK, arguably one of the finest spoken word poets and young writers in Ghana, is well known for his pioneering work in staging non-commercialised slam poetry at various social spots around Accra – from Chelsea’s place, Jazz Tone to Smoothy’s at Osu. Famous among all is his Gari Fortor poetry slam.



The African Image – Baasa Kro is an attempt by DK to widen and shift the poetry paradigm in Ghana. In an email from DK to Creative Writing Ghana, he says about the exhibition: “the familiar way of vocalizing written words on stage shall rather be relegated to the background of the presentation, and instead, the dynamic ways in which poetry imparts into the lives of people shall be brought to life to the audience through an art installation that has 3 major elements.”


Quite extraordinarily, he continues: “In other words, in this presentation, instead of hearing the voice of a poet standing on the stage, you would see art installations lending their voice to the words of the poet, being spoken in the

four corners of an exhibition space instead of a raise platform of the podium.”

The event is being supported by Alliance Francaise, Foundation for Contemporary Art, Apple Pie Ltd. Weekend Globe, Fashionista GH, TRACE.


African Image – Baasa Kro is clearly a collision of art forms on the fringes of experimentation hardly witnessed so openly in Accra recently. It opens an unfamiliar channel for many other poets and writers to think about their art across platforms and genre. We have seen poetry merge with the narrative forms and the stage – not poetry and actual painting or exhibition.


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