Book Launch: Java Hill: An African Journey

Ghanaian writer and associate Dean at the University of Alabama, Thaddy P. Manus Ulzen is launching his newly published historical novel, Java Hill: An African Journey tomorrow, Saturday, 27 April 2013 at the College of Surgeons and Physicians in Accra (near the Ridge roundabout).

The launch is expected to start at 6PM with a brief history and overview of Elmina-Java Museum and a documentary on the history of Black Dutchmen titled “Footsteps of the Brave”.

Java Hill: An African Journey tells a story of the conflicts and relationships between Africans and Europeans in Elmina (Ghana); and the journey of one family through the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, colonialism and the challenges of post-independence Ghana.

In this almost biographical work, the inter-relations in the Dutch colonial period from 1637 to 1872 in West Africa are brought to the fore. “The progression of an African family through 10 generations and four continents from its 18th century Dutch roots, through the Transatlantic Slave Trade, British Colonialism and the era of African independence to the present come to life in this book.”

The story also highlights ethical and moral that arises out of racial, gender and class dilemmas and individuals negotiate their way through these different historical periods.

For more information on the book, click here.

About the Author

Born in Tarkwa, Ghana, T. P. Manus Ulzen is the oldest of five children. His parents were both educators. He grew up in Bolgatanga, Wa, Wenchi, Accra, and Takoradi in Ghana till he was 12 years old. Though, greatly interested in liberal arts, he chose medicine as a career and graduated from University of Ghana Medical School at the age of 22, becoming the youngest physician in Ghana at the time.

He has been on the faculty at the University of Toronto, East Carolina University and is now Professor and Chair of Psychiatry and BehavioralMedicine in the College of Community Health Sciences at the University of Alabama where he is also Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. He is the author of numerous peer-reviewed academic publications and has over 50 op-ed publications in Ghanaian newspapers and web –portals which are political and cultural commentaries.



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