Nana Malone is Writer for the Month

Ghanaian pop fiction and romantic-comedy writer, Nana Malone is the writer for the month of July at Ghana Voices Series. Malone will be reading to an audience at the Goethe Institut, Cantonments, on 24 July 2013. The reading is scheduled to start from 7PM and will run for an hour.

Malone has published three series: The Love Match; which includes Game, Set, Match and Mismatch (out this year), In Stilettos; and The Protectors. She also writes under the name Q. Malone.

It is astonishingly refreshing to see a Ghanaian in such a genre generally un-associated to Ghanaian writers, much less African. This yet proves again that writing from Africa or by Africans are as eclectic and of varied tastes than we are made to perceive or think. Given that Malone is a prolific writer in this field makes it much more exciting to attend this reading.

Nana Malone

Nana Malone

She is expected to read from some of her books, especially from Mismatch. Following from that, she will take questions and comments from the audience. She will also autograph copies of her books so carry some cash along for copies.

The event is free and is organised by the Writers Project of Ghana, in partnership with the Goethe Institut. We hope to see you there. As usual, follow on Twitter @writingGH and @writersPG for updates.

Cannot find Goethe Institut? Follow the map.


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