40-Page Excerpt of Serwa Akoto’s Diary by Mary Ashun. Giveaway

Ghanaian writer, and Canadian resident, Dr Mary Ashun has a new book out: Serwa Akoto’s Diary. However, that is not the news since she is well known for her prolific writing.

Dr Mary Ashun

Dr Mary Ashun

Mary Ashun is giving out a 40-page excerpt of her book through a mini project in partnership with the Writers Project Project of Ghana. She is scheduled to appear on Ghana’s flagship radio programme for writers in Ghana, Writers Project on Citi FM, on Sunday, 8 December 2013, from 8.30 – 9.30 PM. Call in or tweet your questions and comments to her on the day of the show!

How to get your hands on a copy? Tweet your email address to @writersPG ; or email to radio@writersprojectghana.com; or drop your email address on their wall on Facebook “Writers Project on Citi” (like the page if you have not already). On Twitter, look up the hashtag #SerwaAkotosDiary for more details.

We are lucky to have landed a copy. Download the pdf version of the excerpt here: SerwaTeaserfor WPG

Here is a message from the author herself:

Hello Readers
I'd love for you to get started right away reading Serwa Akoto's Diary so working
with WPG, we have a 40-page excerpt for you! Download the excerpt (and the cover!)
read away and then call in with your comments and questions on 8th December when I
will be in the studio. As well, there's a Pinterest Secret Board that I'd love for
you to be part of - its the Serwa Fan Club and on there, you'll see images of
Serwa-related stuff for the upcoming Webisodes and you'll have a chance to Pin
images to the board yourself. Just email asabeaashun@gmail.com and answer the
question..."On what day did Tunde propose?" to be invited to the Serwa Akoto Fan
Club! Happy Reading....
Cover of Serwa Akoto Diary

Cover of Serwa Akoto Diary


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