New Year and Poetry Prizes

Hello Folks, this is our very first post for the year 2014. To start the year right, we wish to thank you all who patronised this space by reading our post on literary activities in Ghana, commenting and reblogging among others. We are extremely grateful.For those who follow us on Twitter ( @writingGH ) and on Facebook ( Creative Writing Ghana ) we hope to continue to serve you great content. Talking about social media, Blogcamp, Ghana’s biggest social media event just announced open. We think we qualify for some nominations in the awards: Best Blog and Best New Blog. Hey why not? Nominate us when it opens. More details here.

For this year, we are hoping to cover more news and events on the literary scene in Ghana. 2013 featured a lot of book launches and readings. Poetry is now an intrinsic part of Ghanaian literary culture once more. It is not only an Accra thing – it is nationwide. And oh, we hosted the full version of Serwa Akoto’s Diary for free download. Many thanks to the author, Asabea Ashun.

So to start off the year right, remember that Golden Baobab Prize for Illustrators? We hope you are watching that space. The Writers Project of Ghana Book Discussion Club has selected the first three books for the months February, March and April: The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins, Testament (poetry collection) by Mawuli Adzei, and 1984 by George Orwell. Testament is available at the University of Ghana Bookshop, Legon while the other two are at the Legon Branch of the EPP Bookshop.

We must mention that the Ghana Voices Series, a monthly book reading series at the Goethe Institute organised together with the Writers Project is expected to commence in March 2014. And we hear some activities by Kinnareads will come off in February so watch out.

Now to the money in poetry. The BN Poetry Award is open to to all African poets with an ultimate prize of One thousand dollars ($1,000). The award is open from 6 January to 5 May. For more details, visit the website or the blog.

So well, while you are awaiting other Prizes to open, here is a way to begin the year on a great note. We hope to serve you to our best this year!

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