International Childrens Story Competition for 2014 Open

Inclusive Works has opened its call for the International Childrens Story 2014 edition. The theme for this year is  ‘Grandpa, grandma  and I  in our multicultural society. The competition is open to all writers.

Credit: Inclusive Works

Credit: Inclusive Works

The competition accepts stories for children aged 1-3 years or 4-6 years in either Dutch or English. For each age  category,  the jury will  select one winner. The winning stories will be published as illustrated children’s books in both Dutch and English by Clavis.

You can upload the final version of your story in either English or Dutch using the online form available here. Submission deadline  is on  31 August 2014.

The jury will select one winner for each age category: 1-3 years and 4-6 years. The two winning stories will be published as illustrated  children’s books in both Dutch and English by Clavis Publishers.

The winners will be announced during an awards ceremony to be held in November 2014, at which the winning stories will be presented to  the public and read by the authors. To all Ghanaians who will enter into this competition, we wish you the best!


In 2012 Inclusive Works organised an international children’s stories competition. The theme was ‘New gender roles in the multicultural  society’. With over 350  submitted stories from 33 countries and the publication of 3  illustrated children’s  books the  competition  was a  success.


Competition guidelines

The story:

– will take the multicultural society into account (for instance in the characters, their names, the composition of the characters, the  place  where the story occurs, the activities, etc.);

– must be written for children aged either 1-3 years or 4-6 years.

– may be realistic or have elements of fantasy;

– must be submitted in either English or Dutch;

– must not exceed the maximum word count for that age category: 600 words (age category 1-3 years) and  900 words  (age category 4-6 years);

– should include no further text (description of the context, back cover copy, etc.) nor illustrations;

– must not have been published before, either by a professional publisher or privately.


Credit: Inclusive Works.


Books for May and June Announced

The Writers Project of Ghana has announced two books for the month of May and June as books for their Book Discussion Club. The books are Lord of the Flies by the English and Nobel Prize-winning author, Wiliam Golding (book for May) and Notes from the Underground by the Russian master novelist, Fyodor Dostoevsky (book for June).

Lord of the Flies is a dystopian novel. Here is a Wikipedia article on Lord of the Flies and it is available on Amazon. The book is also available at the University of Ghana Bookshop.

Dostoevsky is much more famous for his novels Crime and Punishment and The Brothers Karamazov, but the novella Notes from the Underground is another masterpiece from the Russian.The PDF version of Notes from the Underground is can be accessed online. Amazon has a paperback version and it is on kindle as well.

The discussions for May will take place on Twitter on Thursday, 22 May from 6 -7 PM using the hashtag wpghbookclub. Follow @writersPG on Twitter for more. The Twitter discussion will be followed by the physical meet-up at the University of Ghana, Legon on Tuesday, 27 May beginning from 6PM.

From us at Creative Writing Ghana, we wish you a wonderful reading.