It is the Writer Erections Reloaded!

When the poet Nana Asaase hosted the first Writer Erections about two years ago, many did not assume the current dimensions the programme is exhibiting. On the platform of Asaase Inscriptions, the arm that handles the business side of the poetry, Nana Asaase (formerly Philip Oyinka), is back with Writer Erections Reloaded.

The programme, which is taking place on 22 September 2014, at the College of Surgeons and Physicians (Ridge Roundabout or Liberation Circle), and starting from 5PM will be bigger than its previous shows. The date falls a day after the birthday of Ghana’s first president Dr Kwame Nkrumah. perhaps, that explains the poster going with the event.

Writer Erections itself emerged out of an initiative to encourage other young Ghanaian writers, and artists in general, to sharpen their artform. It was a platform for the expression of art across all barriers: age, gender, religion etc.

Writer Erections Reloaded

Writer Erections Reloaded

Speaking to Nana Asaase earlier in the week, he opined that “this year, we have three generations on a single stage; beneficiaries of Poetry for Development, Asaase Inscriptions’ Rural Literary initiative, as well as a melange of colour, dance, music, and relevance through the arts. Same venue, an upgraded experience.” All that is plenty talk. What it means is that Writer Erections Reloaded will be too much fun!

We asked Nana Asaase about why it was that this year’s event is bringing on board many older generation poets. According to him, “it is on the ends of old ropes that new ones are woven. It might be the essence of unity in three parts.” Indeed, he has spoken like the writer that he is.

Should you make it to Writer Erections Reloaded, expect to see greats such as Atukwei Okai, Esi Sutherland Addy, and Mawuli Adzei.

To reserve your tickets, you can call 026 458 8865. Follow Nana Asaase on Twitter at @Asaase_Nana and the hashtag #writererectionsreloaded


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