Book for September: Ben Okri’s Incidents At The Shrine

This month, the Writers Project of Ghana’s Book Discussion Club has selected, Incidents at the Shrine, a collection of short stories by the Nigerian Ben Okri for its monthly book discussion.

The club reads books from across the globe and it seems the book selections have landed firmly on the continent, as Ben Okri follows Ayikwei Parkes, whose novel, Tail of the Blue Bird, was the book for August.

Copies of the book are available for purchase at the EPP Bookshop in Accra and at the ultramodern one at Legon, opposite the University of Ghana campus. If you contact the Writers Project of Ghana, they can arrange a copy for you.

We picked up our copy already and it is an amazing read: from expression of the ravages of war told through the eyes of a child to relationships and societal corruption. These are great stories by all standards.

If you are able to grab a copy and read, join the discussion on Twitter with the hashtags #wpghbookclub and #IncidentsAtTheShrine. Follow @writersPG; also let us know in the comments what you think! Happy Reading!


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