The Gird Center Writing Camp

The Gird Centre is hosting a Gird Writing Camp (Info Pack PDF) starting Saturday, 18 October 2014, geared at supporting writers in Ghana and developing their skill as writers. The Writing Camp, which is a two-tiered programme, will feature a full day intensive seminar for the participants and a month-long interactive package that puts the participants in contact with an array of experts from different fields of writing.

Unlike many other writing workshops, the Writing Camp is bringing together creative writing and technical writing. So, if you are a business, or you are into the writing of proposals, reports and that kind of work, there is a month-long programme that will support you. How often do you get tutoring from an accomplished writer like Ama Ata Aidoo? If you are a student, whether you are just starting a postgraduate programme or you are nearing the end of your four-year degree course, you want in on the Academic writing side of the Writing Camp that will put you in touch with Prof. Helen Yitah of the Department of English at the University of Ghana, for example.

Final Gird

The Writing Camp is promising that each session will be led by an experienced writer, who will be joined by some visiting experts, to interact with the participants and work with them on the various aspects of the writing process under the three categories of Creative, Academic and Business writing. Perhaps, if you are into business writing, this will be a good time to mention it to your boss. He or she might sponsor you!

Visit the Gird Center website or call 020 715 2656 or email

We suggest you hurry since the programmes starts this Saturday, 18 October 2014.


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