Use Easy Taxi Twice and Get One Free: Where Are The Literary Events?

The e-taxi service, Easy Taxi Ghana is running a promotion this week that could ease your transport cost and troubles if you take advantage. Beginning this Monday and running through the entire week, Easy Taxi will pay the fare on your third taxi if you use the service twice within the week!

Easy Taxi 3-4-2

Easy Taxi is largely a taxi service that allows you to request a taxi from your mobile device – phone or tab – only by downloading the app from the AppStore (iOS) or the Android marketplace, registering and launching the app. Your phone must have the GPS on in order for you to be able to locate the nearest taxi to you and for the taxi to find you on the map.

Now, how can you take advantage of something like this? Well, as a Ghanaian literary news blog, what concerns us is how you can go to that literary programme in comfort and ease. This Saturday, the Gird Center is beginning its Writing Camp and is a good way to get a free ride or try out the e-taxi service.

Do you know of any other literary events this week in Accra? Let us know in the comments!


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