Book for September: Ben Okri’s Incidents At The Shrine

This month, the Writers Project of Ghana’s Book Discussion Club has selected, Incidents at the Shrine, a collection of short stories by the Nigerian Ben Okri for its monthly book discussion.

The club reads books from across the globe and it seems the book selections have landed firmly on the continent, as Ben Okri follows Ayikwei Parkes, whose novel, Tail of the Blue Bird, was the book for August.

Copies of the book are available for purchase at the EPP Bookshop in Accra and at the ultramodern one at Legon, opposite the University of Ghana campus. If you contact the Writers Project of Ghana, they can arrange a copy for you.

We picked up our copy already and it is an amazing read: from expression of the ravages of war told through the eyes of a child to relationships and societal corruption. These are great stories by all standards.

If you are able to grab a copy and read, join the discussion on Twitter with the hashtags #wpghbookclub and #IncidentsAtTheShrine. Follow @writersPG; also let us know in the comments what you think! Happy Reading!


Books for May and June Announced

The Writers Project of Ghana has announced two books for the month of May and June as books for their Book Discussion Club. The books are Lord of the Flies by the English and Nobel Prize-winning author, Wiliam Golding (book for May) and Notes from the Underground by the Russian master novelist, Fyodor Dostoevsky (book for June).

Lord of the Flies is a dystopian novel. Here is a Wikipedia article on Lord of the Flies and it is available on Amazon. The book is also available at the University of Ghana Bookshop.

Dostoevsky is much more famous for his novels Crime and Punishment and The Brothers Karamazov, but the novella Notes from the Underground is another masterpiece from the Russian.The PDF version of Notes from the Underground is can be accessed online. Amazon has a paperback version and it is on kindle as well.

The discussions for May will take place on Twitter on Thursday, 22 May from 6 -7 PM using the hashtag wpghbookclub. Follow @writersPG on Twitter for more. The Twitter discussion will be followed by the physical meet-up at the University of Ghana, Legon on Tuesday, 27 May beginning from 6PM.

From us at Creative Writing Ghana, we wish you a wonderful reading.

The Palmwine Drinkard is Book for June #WPGHBOOKCLUB

The Book Discussion Club of the Writers Project of Ghana has selected the stunning novel “The Palmwine Drinkard” by Nigerian Amos Tutuola as book for their June discussion. The main discussion is scheduled for Tuesday, 25 June 2013, 6 – 7 PM, at the University of Ghana, Legon.

As you may be aware, the Twitter version of the physical meet-up is a week before 25 June. We anticipate the date for the Twitter discussion of “The Palmwine Drinkard” will be on Thursday, 20 June from 6 – 7 PM.

In line with the format which the Writers Project announced the May event, we can expect the date of the discussion, among other details, to be announced on Twitter via the organisation’s Twitter page (@writersPG). If you are on Twitter, be on the look out for this, or search the hashtag #wpghbookclub and #TPD (for The Palmwine Drinkard).

Already, we have seen the hashtags flying around on Twittersphere, with many readers talking about venues for the sale of the books. Only today, we saw a tweet from @mnhye which quoted the opening sentence of the classic novel. Another tweep and #wpghbookclub-er @amma_konadu was caught talking about how her mother loved this incredulous book.

You can pick up your copy of “The Palmwine Drinkard” from the University of Ghana bookshop at Legon (and its annexes at the Jones Quartey Building JQB at Legon and Accra City Campus) and Sytris bookshop at Osu. Hurry, we hear it’s running out. The book is available on Amazon and Kindle too.

To participate on Twitter: tweet your intention to @writersPG (they will reserve a tweet reminder for you) or simply tweet quotes from the novel or your impressions about it using the hashtags #wpghbookclub and #TPD.
To participate in the meet-up at Legon: email the coordinator

We wish you a happy reading and discussion.

WPG Book Discussion Club Picks Bessie Head’s A Question of Power

The Writers Project of Ghana (WPG) Book Discussion Club, a monthly book club, has selected the novel A Question of Power by South African writer, Bessie Head, as the book for their May discussion at the University of Ghana campus. The discussion is scheduled for Tuesday, 28 May 2013, from 6.00 PM to 7.00 PM.

Information available to Creative Writing Ghana indicates that the WPG is in the final stages of holding discussions on social media platforms on books selected by the Book Discussion Club. The discussion will start with Twitter most likely this month, ahead of the main discussion on 28 May. The official Twitter account of WPG – @writersPG – as well as the hashtag #wpgbookclub, will be used to coordinate the discussion. We expect the group to announce a date for discussion on the novel so be on the look out.

The Book Discussion Club is a closed event because of its nature; however, it is open to all readers to join the discussion at the Legon campus of the University of Ghana. Earlier this year, the Book Discussion Club launched an initiative to use Skype (add wpgbookclub) as an additional tool in order to expand the discussion to online platforms and to reach readers who would wish to participate, but cannot be physically present.

To join the discussion of A Questions of Power, email the coordinator: . You can pick up copies of the novel at the University of Ghana bookshop or on Amazon and join the discussion on Twitter using the hashtag #wpgbookclub or tweet your thoughts and comments at the WPG account @writersPG .