Literary Events to Top December Holidays in Ghana

The year has been long, but 2015 is definitely ending and there is nothing we can do to stop it. So we are elated to catalogue these events starting from tonight with the EHALAKASA Slam Finale at the Nubuke Foundation, East Legon, 7pm.

Of course throughout this period, the Writers Project on Citi fm will be live on 97.3fm and online at

Nana Awere Damoah and Kofi Akpabli will be at PaJohn’s tomorrow, 28th December, 2015, evening from 5pm for a serenading public reading to top the literary year in Ghana. (Photo attached).


After reading with Nana Awere Damoah & Kofi Akpabli tomorrow, what a way to begin 2016 with ROOTS by the Sasa Movement on 3rd January, 2016, from 5pm. (See photo below).


Meanwhile, tonight on the Writers Project on Citi 97.3 fm, the producers will open the phone lines for you to talk to us about your literary year! And your expectations for 2016. The phone numbers will be announced during the show. The WhatsApp line is 0549986996. The show airs between 8.30 and 9.30pm each Sunday. Listen live on radio and online at

Follow the show also on Twitter and Instagram at @writersPG and Facebook at “Writers Project on Citi fm”.


Happy New Year – Report

As the year 2014 ends, Creative Writing Ghana is grateful for what has been a rather challenging year – yet a very eventful one for writing and literature in Ghana.

During the period, there were writing workshops organised including those from the Gird Center, and, more recently, the workshop with crime fiction writer Kwei Quartey, organised by the Writers Project of Ghana. There were the book readings, the Golden Baobab Prizes, book discussions and a plethora of poetry events. It was a great year, simply put.

For our blog, the guys at WordPress sent us an amazing report including some statistics on how we did. As we thank you for your patronage of this blog, our Facebook and twitter, we would like to share with you a summary of the report, while wishing you a Happy New 2015!

“A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,700 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

There were 34 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 14 MB. That’s about 3 pictures per month.

The busiest day of the year was September 24th with 135 views. The most popular post that day was Interview with Golden Baobab Prize Longlist Author Ricky Ansong.”

The Gird Center Writing Camp

The Gird Centre is hosting a Gird Writing Camp (Info Pack PDF) starting Saturday, 18 October 2014, geared at supporting writers in Ghana and developing their skill as writers. The Writing Camp, which is a two-tiered programme, will feature a full day intensive seminar for the participants and a month-long interactive package that puts the participants in contact with an array of experts from different fields of writing.

Unlike many other writing workshops, the Writing Camp is bringing together creative writing and technical writing. So, if you are a business, or you are into the writing of proposals, reports and that kind of work, there is a month-long programme that will support you. How often do you get tutoring from an accomplished writer like Ama Ata Aidoo? If you are a student, whether you are just starting a postgraduate programme or you are nearing the end of your four-year degree course, you want in on the Academic writing side of the Writing Camp that will put you in touch with Prof. Helen Yitah of the Department of English at the University of Ghana, for example.

Final Gird

The Writing Camp is promising that each session will be led by an experienced writer, who will be joined by some visiting experts, to interact with the participants and work with them on the various aspects of the writing process under the three categories of Creative, Academic and Business writing. Perhaps, if you are into business writing, this will be a good time to mention it to your boss. He or she might sponsor you!

Visit the Gird Center website or call 020 715 2656 or email

We suggest you hurry since the programmes starts this Saturday, 18 October 2014.

An Interview with Golden Baobab Prize Longlist Author Portia Dery

Hello Everyone. As you may be aware, we are publishing a five-question interview with Ghanaians on the longlist of the Golden Baobab Prize. Today, we feature Portia Dery. Portia is a social entrepreneur and blogs at
Her works have been published by the UK poetry library, Artsbeat Afrika’s first anthology, Ayiba magazine; and the Young Journalists and Writers(YJAW) platform. Portia is also the founder of the African Youth Writers Organization (AYWO), which seeks to lure children to read and write by grooming them in an incubator programme for a specific period of time.

We asked her the usual dosage of 5 questions on makkng it on to the longlist!

CWG: How did you hear about the Prize and why did you decide to enter this particular category?


PD: I heard of the golden baobab prize via face book. In fact to be honest I have been following the activities of golden baobab and eventually fell in love with its whole idea of stimulating the imagination of children through beautiful African stories. Why I decided to write for the picture category was because I love kids but I adore them most when they are nine and below! So I thought the better way to show them love was to write for them.

CWG: How did you receive the news about the longlist, where were you and how did you feel?

PD: Wow good question! It was almost 10pm (in Gushegu, a district in Tamale where I work) and I was yet to check my email for the day. As soon as I saw congratulations Portia, I froze on my bed and then I took a deep breathe, eventually I went back to the mail, and then it dawn on me that I had been longlisted. Since I was alone in my room, I only had my walls to share the good news and so I shouted THANK YOU JESUS!

CWG: Is this your first time making a Longlist? What are writing at the moment?

PD: Indeed it is! I am currently working on some short stories, rewriting and editing a collection of poems.

CWG: In the past prizes, very few Ghanaians have made the Longlist. Are you confident you’ll make the shortlist?

PD: Nothing is impossible! In any case I have nothing to lose by hoping. Indeed with my faith in God , I know something great is on the way. By the way congratulations to the other longlisted writers, especially the Ghanaians!

CWG: Thank you for making the Writing community in Ghana proud. Any final words?

PD: Yes. I would like to tell young writers out there…especially you who have worked so hard that they should write and write because someday, somehow everything would fall in place. I thank Deborah for her golden baobab. She has indeed dared to put her passion in action. I encourage all writers/readers/literary platforms to partner with each other, for it is only when we join forces that African literature can grow. I am also looking forward to partner my project called the African youth writers organization-AYWO with other literary platforms to lure children to read and write. And thank you so much creative writing Ghana for promoting African literature!

Interview with Golden Baobab Prize Longlist Author Ricky Ansong

This week, we will publish short interviews with some of the Ghanaian authors on the Golden Baobab Prize longlist released a few weeks ago. It is our hope that this introduces the authors to you. As this is only the longlist, we are not looking to pose probing questions, but rather intend the questions to be quite cursory in their outlook.

Today, we start with Ricky Ansong, a young Ghanaian writer and author of Koryor and the Sea. We (CWG) started by asking Ricky how he heard about the prize and why he decided to send in his entry.

Ricky Ansong

Ricky Ansong

Ricky Ansong (RA): I heard about the Prize through Twitter. I decided to enter this category because I love writing for children and I wanted validation from Golden Baobab. I wanted to know if what I wrote for children was good enough.

CWG: How did you receive the news about the longlist, where were you and how did you feel?

RA:I received the news about the longlist through an email. I was then at the Vodafone Café at Cantoments. I felt like my heart would explode. I had to take a walk around the compound to calm my racing heart.

CWG: Is this your first time making a Longlist? What are writing at the moment?

RA: Yes, this is my first time making a longlist. I am working on a young adult novel currently.

CWG: In the past prizes, very few Ghanaians have made the Longlist. Are you confident you’ll make the shortlist?

RA:Yes, I’m confident I will make the shorlist.

CWG: Thank you for making the Writing community in Ghana proud. Any final words?

RA:I would like to thank everyone at Golden Baobab for this opportunity. To the other writers in the competition, I say “congratulations”.


The Ghana Association of Writers Book Festival is scheduled for Monday, 22 September, at the National Theatre, Accra.

The GAWBOFEST, as it is popularly nicknamed, brings together writers, publishers, readers and an array of books displayed by bookshops.

The event, which falls on a public holiday that commemorates the birthday of the first president of Ghana, Dr Kwame Nkrumah, will start at 8 in the morning and close at 5PM.

Last year, the current president of Ghana, John Mahama, read from his then newly published autobiography. We were able to grab a copy of the Caine Prize anthology. Perhaps, you can do same of this year’s version headlined by the Ghanaian story “Gonjon Pin”.

As usual, if you are able to attend, let us know what you think in the comments.