Taiye Selasi, Chibundu Onuzo, Emmanuel Iduma and Nana Malone in Accra

The month of July is really rocking the literary weather out of all in Accra. Yesterday, we received a tweet from Book Blogger, Nina Chachu, who blogs at Accra books and things and tweets at @adjoaofoe, which carried the feeling in Accra at the moment: “we all want cloning abilities to show up at all the events.” And she may be right. Taiye, Chibundu and Emmanuel aside, Ghanaian but US-based author Nana Malone is in the country and we hear she may even read at Ghana Voices Series.

Before we get ahead of each other, we should like for you to follow these Twitter accounts of the writers: @ChibunduOnuzo; @emmaiduma; @taiyeselasi; @writersPG; and of course our own account @writingGH. We suspect Book Blogger @Kinnareads might live-tweet as well.

Wednesday, 17 July, 2013

Taiye Selasi

Ghanaian-Nigerian writer Taiye Selasi makes a return to Ghana to promote her novel “Ghana Must Go” at the Tavern Tropicana. Taiye will be reading from her novel for the first time as a published novel (we will return to this in a bit).

Taiye Selasi

Taiye Selasi

Tickets are available for about GHC115 ($60) and comes with a copy of the much-praised novel Ghana Must Go. We urge you to hurry and grab a ticket. The event is somewhat targeted at a small audience. It starts at 7PM

For those of you who frequent the Ghana Voices Series, a series of monthly book reading organised by the Writers Project of Ghana in partnership with the Goethe Institut, you would remember that Taiye featured on the programme last year, prior to the publishing of her novel. If you missed, this is that opportunity to catch what you missed.

Wednesday, 17 July, 2013

Chibundu and Iduma

Young Nigerian writer of the novel, described by the Guardian as  “A fiery Nigerian revenge tragedy…”  The Spider King’s Daughter, Chibundu Onuzo, and compatriot writer and co-founder of Iroko Publishing, Emmanuel Iduma, are scheduled for a reading event in Accra. The writers will be holding a read-out hangout at the W.E.B. du Bois Centre, near the American Embassy at Cantonments, from 6PM.

Emmanuel Iduma

Emmanuel Iduma

The event is free and open to the public. This is a rare opportunity to meet two distinguished writers at one central location. And as you can imagine, we expect writers and readers in the city to fill the venue.

Friday 19 June, 2013

Chibundu is expected to do another reading at Sytris Bookshop, Mark Cofie House in Osu. The programme starts at 7PM and is free as well. In the spirit of youth and flare, Chibundu put up a video on YouTube about her Ghana trip.

From what we hear, there are arrangements to put Ghanaian writer, poet and author of Mr Happy and the Hammer of God, Martin Egblewogbe, on the evening reading as well. Very promising night.

Chibundu in Accra


The Palmwine Drinkard is Book for June #WPGHBOOKCLUB

The Book Discussion Club of the Writers Project of Ghana has selected the stunning novel “The Palmwine Drinkard” by Nigerian Amos Tutuola as book for their June discussion. The main discussion is scheduled for Tuesday, 25 June 2013, 6 – 7 PM, at the University of Ghana, Legon.

As you may be aware, the Twitter version of the physical meet-up is a week before 25 June. We anticipate the date for the Twitter discussion of “The Palmwine Drinkard” will be on Thursday, 20 June from 6 – 7 PM.

In line with the format which the Writers Project announced the May event, we can expect the date of the discussion, among other details, to be announced on Twitter via the organisation’s Twitter page (@writersPG). If you are on Twitter, be on the look out for this, or search the hashtag #wpghbookclub and #TPD (for The Palmwine Drinkard).

Already, we have seen the hashtags flying around on Twittersphere, with many readers talking about venues for the sale of the books. Only today, we saw a tweet from @mnhye which quoted the opening sentence of the classic novel. Another tweep and #wpghbookclub-er @amma_konadu was caught talking about how her mother loved this incredulous book.

You can pick up your copy of “The Palmwine Drinkard” from the University of Ghana bookshop at Legon (and its annexes at the Jones Quartey Building JQB at Legon and Accra City Campus) and Sytris bookshop at Osu. Hurry, we hear it’s running out. The book is available on Amazon and Kindle too.

To participate on Twitter: tweet your intention to @writersPG (they will reserve a tweet reminder for you) or simply tweet quotes from the novel or your impressions about it using the hashtags #wpghbookclub and #TPD.
To participate in the meet-up at Legon: email the coordinator edzordzi@gmail.com

We wish you a happy reading and discussion.