Ghanaian Writer Agyei-Agyiri Reads at Ghana Voices Series

Ghanaian novelist and poet, Alex Agyei-Agyiri, was the guest writer for the Writers Project of Ghana’s¬†flagship monthly reading series called the Ghana Voices Series.

Agyei-Agyiri, who authored the award-winning novel Unexpected Joy at Dawn, and poems, including “Passover” and “This Death Call”, read from his most latest novel Rubble. He also read from the novel Coffee Shop and some selected poems.

Speaking at the reading, Agyei-Agyiri opined that writing was a serious business in which “writers should consider what the African would evolve into”. He said it was his observation that Ghana and Africa’s development was stagnant albeit with some pots of growth at certain areas.

The reading attracted a wide-ranging audience that engaged Agyei-Agyiri on topics from his choice of names for his characters to development issues. Turnout for the reading was not massive; however, given that it was the first for the year, it cannot be used as a yardstick.

Co-founder of Writers Project of Ghana, Martin Egblewogbe, announce that the Ghana Voices Series may host Ghanaian writer Taiye Selasie, who’s novel Ghana Must Go was recently published with tremendous reviews. Selasie read her ¬†unpublished manuscript last year at the Ghana Voices Series.

The Ghana Voices Series takes place on the last Wednesday of each month from March to November, at the Goethe Institute 30 Kakramadu road in Cantonments near NAFTI, from 7 – 8 PM. Books by the writer of the month are always available for purchase.